I was 15 years old, home alone and after playing computer games all day, I  fell asleep. I woke up without being able to move my body except for my eyes! It was frightening! The unavailability to move lasted for about 3 minutes, I think. I thought that this is the end and something bad is going to happen. In my mind I was praying. The only thing I was able to do. After a couple of minutes suddenly I’ve realized I can move my body again! I’ve jumped out of bed and turned on the lights and the first thing I saw was my white alarm clock with a red screen on it. The time was 3:33. Luckily for me nothing bad happened in that night, but ever since then I’ve been seeing number 33 daily. I’m not crazy I’ve tried to ignore it, to focus on another number to see if this is just in my head. Nothing worked!

I’ve started to search on the internet explanations about this hoping somebody would enlighten me. I’ve found some articles regarding this number and it says there that God (Buddha, Mohamed, Allah etc) and the angels are with you, guiding you to find your quest.

If that’s true then how come that the number 33 is the highest grade that a mason can achieve in “The masonic power structure”. And they are related to this number in so many ways. Later on I will post an article regarding the masons obsession when it comes to number 33.

The truth is waiting for us to embrace it! The truth can help you or harm you but the signs are taken so in each case I don’t want to live my life in a lie, do you?