HI! I want to talk today about a very important subject which is education. In this days  governments focus on eliminating coruption, economy, infrastructure, medicine etc.but less about education wich is extremely important if you think about it. How can a healthy body  survive using a sick mind? We have to threat our body and our spirit equally.I think “Globalisation” is another form of manipulation and they cannot manipulate mass of people if the people have proper education and knowledge. That’s the reason they give teachers crap payments! To destroy their spirit, their willing to teach the others! They resume everything about money and not passion! They’ve broke teachers spirit as well. Who are they? They are the same people who rule the world for hundreds of years from generations to generations. They have 99% money in the world, they control governments, presidents, countries, companies, basicly anything. They cannot control all the people in the world but they can hold them uneducated and stupid and to be happy only with less and to focus only on money and your body, not your mind.

It is too late for us but raise your children in such a way that they’ll have proper education and proper skills to not be  manipulated and missguided by others in their life. Give them a chance to choose their own path in life, to find their call and to do whatever makes them happy!

Knowledge makes you free!